As any ardent pet lover, we all consider our canine friends as a part of our family, and their happiness and wellbeing is a big responsibility. A huge part of it depends on what we feed them, as their health mostly is straight way related to their diet. A lot of brands, old and new, established or unheard of are available in the stores, some we specifically order online, and there are opinions that vary hugely. Mostly sold brands are Pedigree, Invigro , Farmina N&D, Taste of the wild etc. We are trying to find an informed opinion here, talking with other fellow dog lovers, veterinarian doctors, and simply decoding the labels- which dog foods are good for our beloved pets, and which ones to be avoided.

  1. Pedigree


The first one on the list is obviously the most popular one, with retailers remembering no recalls in the recent history. No one seems to have any complaints too, regarding this brand. Its ingredients include corn, gluten Meal, chicken or meat by products. It has to be noted here that Corn and Gluten meal are just fillers and cheap ones at that. By products include bones, eyes, beaks, feat, nails and feathers of fowl. Their formula doesn’t specify any meat. Dogs does seems to be more active and rounded who are continuously on a pedigree diet, and sales are booming. So, No complaints there…

2. Invigro


Invigro, A recently launched Indian dog food brand with a German formula. Invigro promises to be the healthy alternative meal, with a minimum Fish, Chicken and Beef content of 10% each. According to package, Invigro also contains a 23% Minimum crude protein, 10% Min Crude fat, 5% Min crude fibre. Other contents include Ragi, Milk, Corn, Wheat and Rice Bran. They promise to build muscle, a healthy skin coat, strong teeth and bones, enhanced digestion and a longer life span. If their tag line is to be believed, they boast of no added chemicals and all essential nutrients are derived from natural ingredients. It is FIDAF approved, and that is a good thing. But they are a very recently launched brand, long term user data is unavailable, and if it’s not available in your nearest mall rack, you would have to buy it through Amazon.

3. Arden Grange

Arden Grange

It’s a European brand and percentage of ingredients is specified on the label. Its rich in both fresh meat and meat meal. Its Grain content is comparatively less at 30% and its rice, better than corn or wheat. They’ve added a lot of other healthy goodies including beet pulp, eggs, fish oils etc. Seems to be a low-fat healthy option.

4.Farmina’s N & D low grain

Farmina N&D

Its emerged as one of the best dog foods. A brand from Italy, it has minimal fillers, Oats and splets combined is 20%, which is easy to digest. Rich in fresh chicken, it has 60% Meat making it a great option. It also has 35% crude protein which is the highest in any dog food in India. I’ve never seen a packet in any shops other than in big malls in the metros though.

5.Taste of the wild

Taste of the Wild

The only grain free food available in India. It contains duck meat and various fish meat as well. Meat content is very high. Although according to contents its one of the best available here, it has been recalled a few times because of salmonella contamination, probably because of the very high meat content. Overall recommended.

There are many other options among brands, like Farmina’s Ecopet, Farmina’s Chibau, Royal canin, Nutra Gold, Nutra Nuggets- which are pretty decent products, and brands like Happy dog, Drools, Eukanuba which are not that great or doesn’t specify their contents. I have tried here to state how these brands really are, no frills attached and hope this article was helpful. Please let me know if I have missed any brands, or you have a difference in opinion.

Wishing all the healthy best to your four legged friends.. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.. Have a blast..

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