/How to make fish selling a Million Dollar business

How to make fish selling a Million Dollar business

Let’s begin with a small local fish selling stall in the local city.

Usually the business starts early in the morning when fish arrive at the nearest harbour. Fish is usually bought in bulk through auction sales. Price of the fish selling depends on the availability of fish which varies with season. The local fish stall sells-off the fish by forenoon, unsold fish usually preserved with ice toppings are sold during evening. That’s the end of the day’s sale.

Next day starts early at the harbour with same chores synchronised in a spell of regular routine. But wait, after all it’s a business and any business needs to grow. To know how to make fish selling a billion dollar business keep reading…

What we missed above?

Yes, we did missed something, what about the left over unsold fish. It is deemed ethical in fish selling business to keep the freshness of the fish intact, Fish can be kept fresh with proper preservation at a constant temperature of 4o centigrade, at right humidity of 55-70 %. Such preserved fish are found fit for sale on the next day. Therefore, based upon daily sales volume timely decisions on preservation of fish saves cost. Effective utilisation of unsold fish is generally met by selling off the fish to small vendors who don’t give much attention to quality of fish. The best industrial practice is to utilise the fish which is a source of calcium and potassium to break it into molecules which is used for making essential manure for plants and crop nourishment.

Growing your business

Like we said above that any business needs to grow and flourish, there are two ways of growing your business, either, increase the inflow of customers or by investing more for expansion of the area of operations.

Considering, both of the two methods above, we understand that the first method ie. getting more customers is the ultimate purpose for growth. Growth comes at a cost which is globally known as investment. We understand that money is hard earned. So, giving due respect to money it is always advisable to invest money at the right place. Wrong investments without planning is like fishing at a no fish zone. In other words we know that “not every fisherman knows where to fish”.

Going digital

Smart one indeed!

Setting up a digital platform for fish selling is much cheaper than setting up a new branch of business.

May you open a new branch as centre of sale or invest on an online platform as said above the ultimate aim is to attract more customers. Let us ascertain some technical facts, go back to the example of the local fish selling shop mentioned above what is the maximum reach of that point of sale? Well, the reach is just around few kilometres around where there is no other shop.

Today the generation is knowingly and unknowingly has become a slave of the digital world. Every person starting from a lower middle class family is owning a smartphone. Every person is connected to the world with internet. Internet has increased the phase of globalisation.

Going digital is the only way where by you can make your business reach across the globe. In other ways, your webpage serve as a platform to publish your fish products to reach across the world.

Reaching the World

Our big world has become bit small by the impact of global business, you might not be knowing that the apple that you had an hour back has actually travelled all the way from USA to your home.

The business of fish selling is a very peculiar one. A lot of factors affect the availability, sales, breed and preservation of fish.

If you feel that a billion dollar business cannot be achieved from a local fish stall then you are wrong. By going digital you can reach the world. Fish stalls can display their products over the webpage. But that is just half a way done, getting new customers is achieved by reaching your business to new customer around the world.

Locating right market

Knowledge of the breeding pattern of fish across the world is informative and helpful over the sourcing of fish. Different fish have different breeding cycles around the world, when one part of the world is in short of a particular fish type other part of the world is in surplus. Bridging this gap itself is a big market opportunity.

Locating the source and right market is just one part of the big chain, the business has many more hurdles to cross, freezing the duly cleaned fish when it is fresh. Preserving the fish for months till it reach the destination. Supply and distribution network, transportation, custom clearance are all important factors that affect the business. Processed seawater products has much market potential around the world. During all of the above business processes the most important factor is retaining the freshness of the fish. Once freshness is gone then the fish loses its worth value.


Unlike other businesses, fish selling is a very critical business which is like money involved gambling between time and freshness. Best way for expansion of business is going global digitally, ecommerce, right promotion of your presence and brand at right place has the potential of drawing customers to you from around the world. Right marketing knowledge and preservation skills can help you grow your fish selling business into a Multi Dollar worth Business.

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